Guitar inspiration

I had friends over this weekend, friends who always inspire me a lot to play more music. I decided that this week I'm going to play instruments and try to learn some new stuff or at least get back to my former shape. For example I haven't played the guitar for ages and ages. I used to be able to flatpick both Soldier's joy and Whisky before breakfast (not super fast, but still!) and now I.. suck.

I decided to dig out some of the videos that make me want to forget everything else and just practice the guitar.

Midsummer and fiddle tunes

Midsummer is a very appreciated holiday in Sweden, and one that is hard to explain. Originally I think it's something pagan to celebrate the summer solstice. Whatever it is, we have some nice traditions that are music-related. There are an old tradition to dance around a maypole with a wreath of flowers on your head. Usually there is some kind of procession of (mostly) fiddlers dressed in traditional/regional costumes, and they play some traditional fiddle tunes, usually marches.
This tradition is more strong in the region Dalarna, where I grew up, more than anywhere else. I haven't been so interested in it, when I was a child we didn't go to those celebrations, and I didn't start playing music either until I was 21.

I first touched a fiddle when I was 29, and started playing it more "for real" the year after, after I met Daniel.
After my first (my biological) grandma died in 2007, I came to know her sister, now known as grandma V, who practically is my grandma since my dad grew up with her as a foster child from age 2. She also has a daughter whom I consider being my aunt, and when we started talking, it turned out that she played the fiddle. She invited us to come and join the group of fiddlers in the village at Midsummer, when they meet for lunch, tune practice, and then they play at the village's Midsummer celebration. We went there the year after, 2008, and have been there every year after that if I've had the weekend off.

It's always a good time to be there and it is a great feeling to learn the local tunes and to meet people that my grandpa, who also was a fiddler, used to play with. It's like taking over where he left off. This is the main reason why I haven't given up fiddling. My playing really sucks by now, after a wrist injury in 2012, and long periods of time with no fiddle practice at all. But I love it, and I'm very inspired to learn to play, and to play the tunes from the region where I grew up.